#LRH is hosting an ASCII CONTEST and RAP CONTEST on 5/5 at 10EST.

The ASCII contest is open to anyone, your ascii must be no larger than 80 characters wide and 100 characters tall and must render correctly in IRCcloud with ascii mode on. (if it renders right in irssi it will work in IRCcloud). Simply join #LRH on friday and await instructions. The prize is currently $50 and will increase probably.

The RAP BATTLE for 5/5 is open to all who wish to submit a track. There will be a cash prize of at least $25 (subject to increase) for the winning track to be determined by verified listener call-ins. You must be a regular listener of LRH to vote, l0de reserves the right to disqualify any votes from unknowns, or fraudulent bullshit. You have to both call in to LRH and post your vote in IRC to be counted.

This week’s rap topic is TIME.


The beat for the battle is below. Record yourself rapping over the track and get it to l0de on EFnet by MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY 5/4. Post your MP3 to either soundcloud or youtube and either tweet the link to @l0de or message me on irc.

THIS IS THE BEAT YOU HAVE TO USE BELOW. RIGHT CLICK THE LINK AND SAVE AS TO DOWNLOAD IT (shoutouts to l1tup for forcing me to idiot-proof this description)

BEAT BY VAPOR visit http://www.patreon.com/efnetnews to learn more about the amazing EFNET NEWS!


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