CURRENT PRIZES: $305 for the rap battle – $55 for the ASCII contest

The deadline for both contests is midnight, NYC time on May 4th, 2017.

The entries will be judged based on votes received from LRH listeners.

Only REGULAR LISTENERS are eligible to vote. This determination is made by l0de. If I don’t know you you can’t vote.

In the event of a TIE at the end of voting for either contest, l0de will cast the tiebreaking vote. I will otherwise abstain from voting.

ALL ENTRANTS are allowed and encouraged to vote for themselves. If you are an entrant, you are allowed to vote for yourself even if you are not a regular listener.

ALL VOTERS must both CALL THE SHOW and state their vote in IRC for their vote to be counted. There is ONE and only one exception to this rule, Kongfuzi, who put up $250 for the rap contest and who I think is some kind of mongo deaf-mute.

I plan to end voting at midnight, but circumstances may dictate that we need to close the polls a little later (like if we get a fuckton of entries).


FOR THE RAP CONTEST: YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE LENGTH OF THE INSTRUMENTAL. Don’t add extra bars etc. If your entry is longer or shorter, you are disqualified.

I think that’s everything. I’ll try to run this as fairly as possible since there’s actual money involved. You should know: there is no guarantee everyone who pledged money into the pot will pay up, and if they don’t, that money will be subtracted, I will not make up the difference. I can only personally guarantee the $25 I have put into both pots. However I can guarantee that any money that I collect for the contest WILL be awarded to the winner. Check with vap0r the winner from last week if you want confirmation we pay up. Ask any questions below, I will update this post with any good qs.

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