The l0de radio hour HIP HOP PARODY CONTEST IS LIVE! Submit your PARODY of any hip hop song for a chance to be judged BEST PARODY and win $100!


You must submit a HIP HOP PARODY, 3 minutes in length or shorter. In your submission make sure you include the name of the original song you are parodying. Your parody may include samples,  be remixed, played on a ukulele, or any other creative shit you want to do as long as it is FUNNY, and under 3 minutes long.

Your entry must be ORIGINAL, UNRELEASED, and not leak until the contest. Any number of people can participate in your parody however only one prize will be awarded.

You must submit your parody as a link to a private soundcloud or unlisted youtube link. You may create a music or lyric video for your submission. Email them to l0de at l0de dot com. INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE SONG YOU ARE PARODYING.

The contest date will be announced once I have 5 entries, and will be within 30 days of approving the 5th submission. We will accept a maximum of 10 ENTRIES. I reserve the right to reject any entries that I think are shit.

The contest format is as follows:

  1. Contestants will be randomly seeded
  2. An excerpt or the entirety of the source song will be played
  3. The parody will be played in its entirety
  4. We repeat this until all parody entries have been played, then all the parody entries will be played one more time.
  5. Three judges will score each parody between 1-10, based on humor, originality, and production.
  6. The winner will be announced and sent $100 via paypal. In the event of a tie, l0de will personally select the winner.

THAT’S IT! Good luck, and have fun! If you have any questions msg l0de on discord, efnet, or twitter.

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    1. Correct. 10 is the most entries we can run on the show without people getting bored, so your submission would not be in the running for the prize, though I’ll try to play it in the aftershow.

      HOWEVER, NIGGAS ARE LAZY and as of right now we have 1 accepted submission. So you have time to get in where you fit in.

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