In a uncharacteristic show of tolerance, Donald Trump’s campaign has sent an email to supporters requesting that rally attendees limit themselves to a single item of Nazi regalia.

“The New Hampshire Primary is a must win for Donald. While we support your first amendment right to proudly display the swastika, the Parteiadler, or the SS Death’s Head at Trump Rallies, please limit yourself to just piece of regalia until victory in New Hamshire is assured. Please note that this restriction does not extend to weapons such as Hitler Youth knives, Schutzstaffel boot daggers, or Lugers or MP40s emblazoned with the swastika which may be carried without limits. Heil Hitler!”

The move is predicted to appeal to moderate republicans who support the first amendment rights of Trump supporters to display Nazi Iconography, but are increasingly worried by a large contingent of Trump Youth who are attending rallies and caucuses in the iconic black uniforms of the Death’s Head Allgemeine SS.

The move was met with immediate criticism by rival Ted Cruz. Dressed in an immaculate Obersturmbannführer uniform, Cruz denounced Trump as a race-traitor bowing to the demands of politically correct Jewry. He then concluded the press conference by setting an effigy of a rabbi ablaze and stomping out of the room in his jackboots, over a path strewn with Israeli flags.

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