When my stepfather sent out a thanksgiving invite which proudly anounced he was going to smoke “The juicest dick you’ve ever seen” I snickered and assumed he’d meant to write “duck.” I was wrong. I arrived to thanksgiving and the centerpiece was a nude black man standing on the dining room table wearing a feathered headdress sporting a sizable erection. After the most uncomfortable grace I can remember in my life, my stepfather mounted the table and began to fellate the black man with obvious gusto. I was trying to think of an excuse to leave when he lifted me up by the shoulders and placed me in front of the negro. He grabbed a clump of my hair and then forced me to perform oral sex on a nine inch black dick until I was choking and sputtering, which unfortunately caused the negro to become excited and thrust even harder. Without warning he yelled out “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” and my cheeks were suddenly bulging with an unfathomable amount of ejaculate! I tried to choke it down but it was impossible and pearly white jism sprayed from my battered lips to spatter all over my shocked family. Immediately I was met with shouts of outrage for “wasting the gravy” and my family demanded I leave the table. I got in my car and wept in the driveway and received several texts castigating me for ruining thanksgiving. I can now see my family through the window eating dinner with the negro as I am trying to summon the courage to turn the car key and drive home alone.

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